Our Principal Artists

Ellen Terrell:

Ellen Terrell started potting in the early 1980's and realised that 'playing with clay' was an addiction from which she would never recover!  Her wheel thrown pots are decorated, glazed, and fired in layers.  She carves patterns through the clay and coloured slips; then adds pigments made from silver and copper; finally, a third firing, embeds these metallic lustres in the glaze.
Liz Showniruk:

Liz Showniruk graduated from the College of Fine Arts in 2001 and went on to establish herself as a professional ceramic artist and teacher. Liz is currently interested in pushing the limits of ceramic materials such as porcelain and enjoys working with kiln formed glass. Her work is a reflection and interpretation of the natural environment from which she draws her inspiration.
Losa Satele:

Losa Satele is inspired by native Melanesian, Polynesian and Australasian culture brought to modern mediums. The challenge of creating modern art from her diverse background is one of the joys of life. This award winning local artist, works with a variety of clay and likes to highlight natures texture and diversities in her works.
Sam Matthews:

Sam Matthews is an artist and landscape gardener. She considers “being creative” as essential for her well being and happiness, and a vital tool for self expression and making sense of the world around her. She is inspired by nature and solitude and currently works with clay, mosaics and plants.
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